Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mid-A Bella In The News! wanted to showcase the Velo Bella-Kona cyclists who were also serving in the military. While there are 5 active-duty Bellas, they chose to write mostly about Mid-Atlantic Bella Nicole Shue! Check out the full article below.

Velo Bella-When Duty Calls

DISCLAIMER: Nicole has never been ashore in Iraq. She was last stationed off the Northern Arabian Gulf in 2004, but has never been stationed ashore, and is not currently there. That is a very sensitive distinction, as I'm sure all can appreciate. There are thousands of Navy personnel currently serving ashore in Iraq and Afganistan, in very dangerous, important positions helping out the other services, but she have always served aboard a ship when deployed, and is currently serving in Washington, DC.

Also, she was actually training for a half-ironman, not a full ironman distance race.