Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shue Heads to Nationals!

On June 30th, Our own Nikki Shue will be heading west, to Portland Oregon, for the USA Triathlon Age-group National Championship Olympic distance race.

And you know she'll be sporting the brand new 2007 Velo Bella Tri Kit! OOH! LA! LA! BELLA!

Her wave, F 35-39 begins at 8:28 am (PDT). For more race details, click here!

Make sure you stay tuned, and check back for the blog update!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where in the World is Sheryl?

Sheryl with Rebecca Larson, Carmen D'Aluisio, Sarah Caravella, Kat Carroll, Shannon Hutchinson-Krupat, Felicia Gomez, Catherine Powers and Micah Rice of the Aaron's Pro Women's Cycling Team

Although I have not been racing 'yet' this season, I've still been at the races. This year I am the team physician for Aaron's Pro Women's Cycling Team (you may recognize some of their riders as former Velo Bellas) and this role has been keeping me busy off the bike. This past weekend was the Commerce Bank Liberty Classic in Philadelphia where I played soigneur in addition to doctor. I now have a huge amount of respect for the individuals who serve as soigneurs as well as the riders who are constantly on the move from one race to the next with very little support. I now know what it is like to fill, ice down, and transport 40 various concoctions in bottles...and that is just the beginning.

Maybe some of those concoctions will help me out during my first triathlon in August???