Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kinetic Sprint Race Report

First Race of the Season!!

The Kinetic Sprint is the first open water swim of the season in Virginia. And for good reason.

The venue is beautiful, about 1.5 hours south of DC into Spotsylvania County (read "the backcountry of Virginia"). It was spectacular, right on the water! What a great excape from the city, work, and all the stress of late!

We woke bright and early to a freezing cold morning, and to water temps of 55 degrees! But, if DC Mayor Adrien Fenty could do it, well...

There were 600 racers for the sprint, more than twice the previous year, and Nikki found herself racing in the largest, and most challenging, field of the day.

SWIM (750m): 14:25 (14th)

T1: 1:50 (4th)

BIKE (18mi): 52:42 (5th)

T2: 0:56 (1st)

RUN (5K): 25:53 (7th)

FINAL: 1:35:44 (5th/33 age-group, 27th overall)
Fifth place hurts; not good enough to podium, but close enough to know that it is achievable! Oh well, it was the first race of the season, it was a much bigger field than anticipated, and it will hopefully serve as motivation to train harder!!